Join the Party and Get Happy!


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As DMF quickly approaches its launch, I wanted to tell you a bit about why I started this company and what I hope to accomplish for you and the world.  Yes, the world!   I truly believe we are all on this earth to fulfill some sort of purpose.  And our passions are what drive this purpose.   This past year has been an awaking for me and I have finally found what I believe to be the perfect blend of passion and purpose with DMF.

Dance and music are definitely very high on my list of passions and have been a central focus for me the majority of my life.   Teaching and motivating people to achieve their goals are right up there too.  Dance has been a way for me to express myself.  When I dance I feel bliss, especially if I am dancing to an AMAZING song.  I loved working as a professional dancer and having the privilege of performing and emoting for an audience. But it wasn’t enough.  Though I love giving people joy through performance, I wanted people to get that same joy for themselves.  I fell into the fitness industry by chance…it was a “side” job for me as a working dancer.  However, I found that I had a passion and a niche for motivating people to achieve their goals and fully realize how amazing they are. I believe in order to live life fully, you have to embrace health—physical, mental, and spiritual—so that you can have the energy and strength to pursue your own purpose and passions.  My teaching has never been about what you look like or developing a “perfect” body.  My teaching is about feeling good, empowered, and strong so that you have energy to do the things that make you happy and live the life you imagine for yourself.

As for purpose? I believe one of my purposes is to help people see and feel joy, happiness, and community and believe in their massive potential.  What better way to feel joy and happiness than through dance, music and motivation! Living and working in NYC, I see so many people stressed, crazed, and full of a desire to “be” a certain way.  We build up walls and subconsciously create inhibitions for ourselves based on how we think others perceive us.  But when we let that go, and forget about “acting” or “bring” a certain way, we are free to be ourselves and experience joy, and that’s what DMF is all about.  So many people say to me, “but I can’t dance” or “I’m so uncoordinated.”  Who said?  Someone probably told that person, “you look stupid” or “you look silly” or “you’re embarrassing me” and that caused a subconscious wall and fear to develop.  I say, “What’s wrong with looking silly as long as it feels good!” I also say, “Who cares if you are uncoordinated and on the wrong foot as long as you’re having fun!”  Life is too short to worry about these things.  Dance is natural.  It’s one of the first things babies do when they hear a beat.  We are meant to move and be free and if we look a little “crazy” while doing it, who cares!!??  DMF is about feeling good, strong, free, and happy and if I can help a few people in this world do that through my teaching, I will have completed some of my purpose.

I hope very soon to volunteer in schools and teach DMF to at risk youth.  I think dance is a great way for kids to express themselves, and the message in DMF is beneficial to children of all ages.   Once I launch, I will be holding a once a month “Dance for a Cause” party, in which all proceeds will go to charity.  Giving back is central in the mission of DMF and I can’t wait to get more involved in the community!

I truly hope to see you all in class soon! So join the party and get happy!


Lindi Duesenberg

Founder/Lead Instructor

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