Join the Party and Get Happy!

Life is hard.  Life is bumpy… more like tumultuous! It hits you in the gut when you least expect it.  But at the same time, life is beautiful.  Life is hope. Life is magic. Life is a wise teacher. Life gives us daily gifts, even in the rockiest times. I wrote a blog a while back about my three “go to” words and I wanted to pull them out again as we start accelerating into 2014: Perception, choice, and attitude. These words are how I deal with the wild roller coaster of  life and what keeps me grounded and somewhat sane in times when I just want to scream and shout: WHY?!?!?  REALLY LIFE, REALLY?!?!

I am sure many of us have already faced disappointments, struggles, and hardships this year, even just two weeks in.  And if you haven’t, you probably will at some point in 2014.  Right now, you’re probably thinking, “Wow, Lindi, way to be a Debbie Downer!”  I know, I know…BUT there is a method to my madness!   By starting the year knowing that we have the tools to deal with the pain that will pop-up in our path, we can find light in even the darkest of places.  I often say to clients, instead of thinking, “Oh my god it’s burning!”  (insert negative, death voice here), think “Oh my god it’s burning!”  (insert happy, positive, excited voice here!) It’s about perception.  I tell my clients to get excited about the burn, because the more something challenges you, the more it changes you.  Now, trust me, I know this is easier said than done, especially when it comes to life outside DMF.

Things happen that are out of our control.  BUT, what we CAN control is how we CHOOSE to react and PERCEIVE these events and our ATTITUDE going forward.  By adopting an attitude of life is happening for us, rather than to us, we can make sense out of tough situations.  This idea has literally SAVED me the last few years, and continues to save me daily! Any situation, relationship, event, or moment that is challenging me or causing me pain, I look at as a teacher.  I ask myself, “What am I supposed to gain and learn from this?”   This doesn’t always come naturally and I often have to force myself to ask myself these questions, but I promise you it is worth a try.  It allows me to surrender to the situation and ultimately rebuild my hope for the good that is yet to come.  It’s much easier to fall into the “blame game” route as I call it.  This blame and victimization route is SO prevalent in our society.  We are constantly putting our problems on someone else: If only my boss wasn’t so controlling…If only my partner cared more…If only there wasn’t so much competition in by business…if only my co-worker wasn’t such an idiot…If only I had more money… If only I lived in a better neighborhood… If only I didn’t inherit my dad’s sweet tooth…If only I could vacation more.  It’s a nasty little habit that many of us fall in to.

The harder route, but SO much more powerful, is to find the courage to CHOOSE to take responsibility for our circumstances and then creatively work through them.  For me, it again goes back to perception, attitude, and choice: How can I perceive this situation differently?  What is this trying to teach me? How is this giving value to my life? When we can look past the painto the gain, life changes for the better. Once I deal with perception, I deal with choice.  I can either choose to go forward positively, with new found wisdom and light, or I can take with me a jaded outlook that life sucks.  And I will ALWAYS choose the positive ATTITUDE even if it takes me some time to get there.  You might say, “But Lindi, you are such a positive and hopeful person.” No, I CHOOSE to adopt a positive attitude because going forth with hope is the only way to free me from the pain of the past, and often, the present.

So as you venture into this New Year, remember that you have the power of perception, choice and attitude to help you make sense of any roadblock that pops up in your path.

Can’t wait to dance it out with you this week!


Lindi and The DMF Team