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New Year, HAPPIER You!

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Happy 2015! With all the “new year, new you” talk of 2015, we wanted to do something a little different at DMF. Instead of “NEW you,” which to me implies that we were lacking last year, how about “New Year, HAPPIER You!”

Only 8% of people stick to their New Year’s resolutions and one of the reasons why is because our idea of happiness is flawed. Many of us believe: I’ll be happier WHEN I lose weight. Or I’ll be happier WHEN I get a raise. Or I’ll be happier WHEN I’m in a relationship. We postpone happiness for the future and then when we attain what we thought we wanted, we are often still feel unsatisfied.

But we can change this. Research shows that external circumstances accounts for only 10% of our happiness. That means 90% is up to us! And there are ways to cultivate happiness daily and bring habits into our lives that are proven to enhance our happiness over time. When we start to achieve happiness daily, we in turn tend to work more productively, invite positive relationships into our lives, and achieve goals we never thought possible.

Over the next month, we’ll be sharing with you the science behind happiness via Facebook, Twitter and our newsletters. We’d love for you to join in the discussion with the hashtag #NewYearHappierYou. We all know exercise is KEY when discussing happiness so to get you started on your happiest year ever, we are giving you 10% off any class pack. Simply enter the promo code: happy when buying your next pack! Offer expires Friday.

We can’t wait to dance it out with you this week!

Lindi and the DMF team

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