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My March Mission! Join Me!

Happy March!  Spring is right around the corner…I can feel it!  Or maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but either way it is a new month, a fresh start, and a clean slate.  If you’ve taken class with me, you know I LOVE fresh starts. I talk about how you can start your day over at any moment all the time.  In fact, every moment is a fresh start.

But lately, I haven’t been taking my own advice.  I’ve found it harder to bounce back from setbacks, unwanted surprises, and the busyness of life. I’ve found it challenging to always find the hope in a new day. But after some reflection,  I’m pretty sure I know why.  And this month I’m on a mission to stop it and I dare you to join me.   I’m on a quest to STOP COMPLAINING!

The last few months I’ve fallen into the life is hard and if only trap.  You know what I’m talking about. The “if only I had more time,” “if only I didn’t have to work so much,” “if only I made more money,” “if only I had a boyfriend/husband!”  I’m always preaching NOT to do this, and yet I’m spiraling down this drain of negativity! Do you ever have this problem?  AND, I’ve been complaining WAY too much, even about little things like the weather (It has been a tough winter though, right?!?)  But how does complaining about something serve me?  It doesn’t!

What we give attention to grows.  So if we constantly focus on what’s wrong, we are only going to get more of it.  But if we focus on what’s right in our lives, what makes us happy, and what we are grateful for, we tend to receive more of that positive abundance.   And by focusing more on what makes us happy and content, we are more apt to take ACTION to get there.  And action is key!

So this month I’m challenging myself to not publicly complain about ANYTHING–not the weather, not my personal problems, not work issues…NOTHING.  Now I’m not saying if there is a life event or situation that I need help with I won’t lean on friends and family for support.  But it’s different asking for help and complaining about life.

It’s not going to be easy and I’m sure I will slip up,  but it’s important challenge for me to take and I hope you will hop on the bandwagon with me.  Let’s see what happens when we stop complaining and start living!  Let’s take action and make March an awesome month!

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