Join the Party and Get Happy!


“DMF is the ultimate combination of fun and burning calories!  Lindi is completely inspirational and you are laughing so much you don’t realize how hard you are working!”  –Kathleen de Guzman

“DMF is easily the most fun workout I’ve ever done. The hour flies by with lots of different, awesome music and Lindi’s amazingly positive attitude. For the record, I can’t dance to save my life but I don’t ever feel judged or watched. It’s just about moving around and having fun. Oh and it’s one hell of a workout – get ready to sweat for a solid hour.” –Meredith Schwartz

“Whether you’ve never danced before or you’re a regular, this 50 minute heart pumping cardio dance class will have you discovering your inner Beyonce in no time. The choreography is fun, easy to follow and makes you feel like a super star no matter how uncoordinated you might be. You’ll be having so much fun you won’t even realize how hard you’re getting your buns kicked by all-star, founder Lindi Duesenberg. 3 words to live by: Dance, Motivation, Fitness!” –Lisa Scheinerman

“I have worked out all my life.  I have been going to DMF since its inception.  I LOVE going to DMF because its a great workout for your spirit & your body.  It doesn’t matter how old you are of if you have dance background.  I have no dance experience & I am smiling and sweating the WHOLE time in every class.  Lindi is like a pocket full of sunshine on a gray cold winter day.  This is the most fun I have ever had working out. I LOVE Lindi & DMF.” –Sherri Callahan

“DMF is AMAZING! Different than all my other workouts! Fun music, easy to follow choreography with core & abs intertwined and an incredible sweaty workout – all with the motivational awesome Lindi guiding you through it … can’t wait to go again!”  –Pamela Passarello

“DMF is a nonstop dance party that makes working out fun for me! I sweat more in this class than in any spin class I’ve ever taken! Lindi’s inspirational motivation and encouragement stays with you long after you leave.” –Samantha Slater

“I have the most incredible workouts with DMF! I haven’t sweated more or laughed harder in recent memory. Run, don’t walk, to take this inspiring, ass-kicking class and say you were on the vanguard of NYC’s newest fitness craze!! –Summer Broyhill

“Can I just say for the record that it’s highly unusual for me to go out of my way for a WORKOUT class. Seriously! I’ve always aspired to be one of those people that really enjoys working out, but if it wasn’t an all-day dance rehearsal I would surely find some excuse to get out of it. But I love DMF!!! Lindi rocks and I can’t wait for the world to get on board. Exercise lovers and haters alike will love rockin’ out with you! Zumba? A one-trick-pony fad of the past. Bitches better get ready for some DMF!!” –Erin Holmes