Join the Party and Get Happy!

Those of you who know me, know that I LOVE kids.   If you don’t love kids, please don’t stop reading as this is NOT a gush fest about kiddos, but rather a reminder of how we should perhaps live our lives.

Did you know that the average 4-year-old laughs about 300 times a day and the average 40 year old only 4?  That’s pretty sad people!  Laughter and joy are natural for kids. Children LIVE in the moment and find happiness in the little things—a ladybug crawling on their hand, a dog whose tail is wagging at warp speed, a funny face an adult makes, the wind on their face!  Laughter often ensues.

But somewhere along the way of growing into “mature” humans, we start pushing down that child-like wonder and appreciation of the magic around us.  I know we have pressure at work and home, bills to pay, and important “adult rolls” to play, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to see the world around us through the eyes of a child.  One of the coolest things in the world is to see a child’s face when he or she experiences something for the first time.  What would happen if we tried to be a more open, appreciative, and excited about the awesomeness around us? What if we tried to go through our day as if we were experiencing things for the first time?  It could be as simple as appreciating how amazing your food looks (I’m a bit of “ooh and awe” person myself), or noticing how cute and funny squirrels look when they eat a nut.  That was random, but boy it makes me laugh every time I see those little squirrel hands work.

PLUS, laughter is AWESOME for your health! Research shows that laughter reduces levels of stress hormones such as cortisol, epinephrine, and dopamine and  increases health-enhancing hormones (such as endorphins), neurotransmitters, and infection-fighting antibodies. We know the importance of laughter at DMF which is why we ALWAYS try to include a song that or dance move that will make you giggle.  It’s science people!  We need it!

So this week, DMF challenges you to increase your laugh quota and try to find more joy in the little things.  You can start by watching this adorable laughing baby (Click on link below).  You’ve probably seen it before, but watch it again and get those endorphins flowing!

Can’t wait to bust a move with you this week!

Baby Laughing Video


09 Sep 2013

A Revelation from Vacation!

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“Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.” –Peter Drucker

So as many of you know, I just returned from an amazing solo trip to St. John.   Yes, I went by myself.  No, I’m not crazy (most of the time!) My solo vacation surprised many people and I had to explain to almost everyone I met why I was there alone.  I wanted to clear my head, figure out my next steps, and essentially just get away from everything–stress, work, anxiety–and just let my body and mind be quiet.

Well, as much as I LOVED my vacation, it really struck me how hard being quiet and being alone with yourself and your thoughts can be and I think this is what truly scares people (probably unconsciously). Though I didn’t have TV, I did have internet and I found myself checking Facebook, emails, and other sites that I really didn’t need to be bothering with.   Essentially, I was procrastinating from just sitting and “being” and dealing with what I needed to deal with.  But how many of us really spend the time just being quiet and thinking?  What would happen if we put down the remote, the computer, the food, the book, and just sat and thought AND listened to our thoughts? What would happen if we didn’t stuff every minute of our spare time with activities, events, and people? What would you think about if you were truly alone?

I think many of us mask our authentic thoughts, desires, and intuition with the “busyness” of life, societal expectations, and the overwhelming amount of distractions we face daily.   We ignore the big questions like: What is my purpose? Am I a truly happy in my career, relationships, and life?  Am I living a life that I’m proud of? Am I being a loving, non-judgmental person? Am a giving my all to my partner? Am I being a good friend?  It is often easier to just “go with the flow” than to really examine and take responsibility for our lives.  Trust me I know! I realized  on my vacation that I wasn’t fully taking responsibility for my own happiness and well-being, but rather  just “pushing forward” in the direction I felt  I had to go.   I was often letting outside influences–media, clients, society–guide how I was growing my business rather than taking time with my thoughts and examining whether I was truly happy with where I was going.

I’m not going to lie, the tough questions can be uncomfortable, especially when the answers to these questions are “no.” When the answer is “no,” the bigger question of “why” emerges and then the super overwhelming task of creating a new path.  Digging deep into the “whys” of life takes time and as crazy, busy New Yorkers living in a fast paced environment of getting ahead, making money and just surviving, it can be easier to just ignore them and keep pressing forward.

But why should we just press forward?  We are better than that and we deserve better than that.   So you might ask, “Lindi, what did you figure out?!?” Well, I’m still working on it, but a couple of things have definitely emerged and I would like to ask for your help with a few of them.  First, while the new, improved vision for DMF is being discovered, I will be offering a few less adult classes per week in the hopes of creating a truly special experience each and every time.  You’ll get better music, better motivation and a better overall workout!  We want DMF to be your go-to workout on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays and we promise to get you super sweaty, motivated and HAPPY!

Second, DMF YOUTH  is in  the works!  My passion for teaching, as some of you know, extends to children and teens and my hope is that DMF YOUTH will be an integral part of after-school and educational programs across the city.  DMF YOUTH is a dance-based fitness program that blends a positive and motivational  workout with an interactive and fun life skill development curriculum.  Want to know more and how you can help?  Email me! 

Third, look out for pop-up themed classes and workshops!  My vision for DMF may be shifting a bit, but all that means is more LOVE for you.  So, let’s dance into fall together and shake off those end of summer blues this week!

See you Tuesday at 6pm, Wednesday at 7pm, and Saturday at 2:30!