Join the Party and Get Happy!

“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.” –Unknown

This is one of my favorite quotes.  If you’ve been to a DMF class recently, you may have heard me say it.  We all build walls.  Sometimes the wall comes in the form of self-doubt (I’m a HUGE culprit of this)—Am I good enough? Am I strong enough? Can I be a leader? Can I start a business? Can I be successful? Can I REALLY change the world?!?  

A close cousin to the self-doubt wall is the fear wall—fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, fear of standing out.  The fear wall prevents us from the joy that comes with trying new things, pursuing our goals, and ultimately being our true selves.

Another wall is worry (yes, I’ve got this one down pat too!) We worry about anything and everything, rather than being the BEST we possibly can be, taking action toward our goals, and TRUSTING that being great will lead us toward success.

What do all these walls have in common?  Two things:  One, they ALL create limitations, hindering us from taking ACTION toward what we want and discovering our ultimate potential.   Two, they are ALL in our head!!  Yes, the walls are in our head because they are just THOUGHTS! Our thoughts do NOT have to be our reality.  Our experiences may have helped shape these thoughts, but when it comes down to it, we do NOT have to believe them, listen to them, or be a slave to them unless we CHOOSE to.   I know this is easier said than done…I struggle every day and it definitely takes practice.   BUT, just recognizing that our thoughts aren’t necessarily truth, we begin to have the power to choose what to believe and acknowledge.

So what are your walls?  DMF wants to help you tear them down and punch your limitations in the face.   Come move your body this week, sweat it out, and get HAPPY with us.  Remember, happiness is a choice.  Choose happiness today and share the DMF love with everyone around you.

10 Jun 2013

Let’s Get Positive!

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Those of you who have taken DMF know that you will never hear phrases like, “let’s get bikini ready,” or “time to chisel your back fat,” and “let’s trim our trouble spots” during class.  This is on purpose. I don’t like hearing it, thinking it, or saying it.   For me, hearing that I have to “get” to certain weight or body type before I’m “ready” to be in a bikini is not motivating.  And, thank you for telling me I have trouble spots!  I actually don’t even where a bikini, because as a person who has struggled with my weight my whole life (yes, fitness instructors and dancers struggle too!) I’ve gained and lost so much weight over the years that even though I have SERIOUS abs, they are covered by a nice layer of, shall we say, “skin!”

But everywhere we turn and in every media outlet, even the great ones, we see words like: losing, trimming, cutting, chiseling, and sculpting overruling words like healthy, strong, active, fun, motivate, and inspire.  We are inundated with the constant reminder that we are never good enough, that we always have to “lose” more or always have to “be better.”  No wonder we are all so messed up!  It’s hard to embrace and love ourselves, as is, when there are daily reminders of how far we need to go.   I have very fit clients come up to me all the time and pull the skin (not fat, skin) on their arms and say, “I still can’t get rid of this.”  When I first got into fitness, I would be more PC and try to suggest ways to deal with this life threatening skin issue.    Now, I just say “that’s skin…don’t be crazy!!! Be kind to yourself!!!” Don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE proponent of health and fitness, I just wish we could steer the language away from tearing ourselves down and more towards building ourselves up and finding balance in our lives. AND, it’s important to remember that it’s OK if we don’t look like Barbie, especially if are embracing healthy choices on a daily basis. Who cares if we have a little junk in the trunk as long as long as we are living active, strong, and most importantly, balanced lives!

So, here at DMF we’re boycotting this language and choosing to use more positive, motivating lingo to keep everyone here moving to the groove. And, even though this is tough route to take, with new clients and media outlets so heavily focused on talking about the physical benefits of DMF,  we’re sticking to it.  Even though DMF provides an awesome calorie blasting, sweaty workout, we will never focus on measuring outcomes and promoting “beach bodies,” but rather focus on having fun, feeling strong, and feeling HAPPY and MOTIVATED in class and in life.  So join our positive body image party!! And spread the word as we start a positive and HAPPY fitness revolution!