Join the Party and Get Happy!

03 Mar 2013


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Leaving the world more awesome than when I found it has always been a passion of mine. Since I was little, I always believed that one person CAN make a difference, especially if that ONE person inspires others to do the same. Soon the ONE becomes MANY and the small change becomes big.

I knew that my personal passion for service and spreading positivity and kindness needed to be a part of the DMF business model. It is important to me that DMF be more than just an awesome workout experience, but also a company that promotes positive and happy change in the community. Each month, I hope to raise funds for a non-profit organization close to my heart by hosting Dance for a Cause, a special DMF class in which 100% of profits goes to charity

The first Dance for a Cause will be benefiting The Family Center, an organization whose mission is to strengthen families affected by crisis, illness or loss to create a more secure present and future for their children. The Family Center has an amazing mentoring program called the Buddy Program, which I became involved with last year. Here is my story:

Though I have volunteered my whole life in various capacities, I have always wanted to volunteer in a way that allowed me to create a “forever” bond and friendship with a child in need. Last year, I finally felt that I was in a place in my life (i.e. not traveling for work, performing all over and auditioning!) that I could truly commit to being the type of mentor I wanted to be. I went on the hunt for great mentoring programs and found the Family Center’s Buddy Program. Last fall, I became a mentor to an amazing young girl named Jennifer. From the moment we met, something clicked and Jennifer and I both knew we had found something special in each other. Jennifer is nine and, like me, she LOVES to dance. You will often find us “dance-walking” down the street and singing to the latest tunes. While we wait for the train, Jennifer often teaches me her latest moves and I teach her mine. Though we have only been together a few months, we have shared many amazing experiences—ice skating, the zoo, Disney on Ice, movie dates, new restaurants, and lots of life chats! —and I can see such a positive change in her. She is a super bright light in my life and I look forward to her big smiles and warm hugs. On our second “date” she said, “Lindi, you are my best friend,” and I knew that I had forged a special bond and commitment to an awesome child.

Please join me on Sunday, March 24th at 3pm for Dance for a Cause, a super sweaty and fun dance-party workout benefiting the Family Center’s Buddy Program. The minimum donation is $25 (price of a single DMF class), but feel free to give more if you feel inclined! All donations are tax deductible and space is limited so sign up now! Want to donate, but can’t take class? You can do that too! Thanks for being awesome and can’t wait to bust a move with you at Dance for a Cause! DANY Studios-305 West 38th Street. Sign up now: Dance for a Cause!